Retail Dispensaries

A retail dispensary has many risk factors associated with the nature of the business. From risks like basic slip and falls, to fire, theft or even being held liable for the products you sell, dispensaries need a unique tailored approach to their insurance coverages. Insurance specific to a dispensary is designed to protect your business from any loss that can occur. Your property and inventory/ stock is also at risk for theft, fire, vandalism, explosion etc..

Recommended Coverages

Typically required by law, protects your business from lawsuits for bodily injury. As well as  property damage to others, personal injury and other situations that may arise including slander, libel, copyright infringement and more.

Coverage against loss from fire, theft & vandalism, protecting your investment in buildings, and tenant advances. As well as business personal property, the manufacturing equipment, inventory, crop & finished stock. Property coverage also provides loss of business income.

Protects your business from claims when the customers hold you liable for bodily injury and or property damage that takes place from various consumption of marijuana flowers, edibles, and concentrates.

If you have employees, you need cannabis workers compensation. It is the right of your employee to have compensation for injuries, for short-term as well as long-term disability if hurt while on the job. It is mandated by law and regulated by the state.

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