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The Insurance Joint brokers are the specialists in the industry. Sectors we serve include, (among others), the following classifications of medical marijuana, adult use of marijuana, in addition to hemp/CBD businesses:

Cultivators, Laboratories, Processors, Manufacturers, Wholesalers/ Distributors, & Retailers/Dispensaries

Insurance specific to a dispensary is designed to protect your business from any loss that can occur.

Insuring your crops from seed to sale is extremely important and it is crucial to have coverage in place to protect that asset. 

Cost of manufacturing equipment and the hazards surrounding the manufacturing process make it very important to have a comprehensive insurance plan in place to protect your business and equipment.

Lab businesses need many of the common insurance coverages, but lab testing poses its own set of risks.

A distributor is responsible for ensuring all third party testing is complete and that product packaging and labeling is accurate and meets the state regulations.

As a building owner, if you lease space to a cannabis business, it is crucial to secure coverage through an insurance carrier who specializes in cannabis risk.

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The Insurance Joint Brokerage is the one-stop shop for cannabis, Hemp and CBD industry insurance needs